The third step towards building your new home is to determine the total cost. The total cost of a new home is made up of five major components, one of which is the construction cost of the new home. As an experienced design-builder, building over a wide geographic area, Rockhaven Homes knows the real costs associated with constructing your new home, including construction details, design and engineering, site and servicing, and the numerous soft costs. Rockhaven reviews your requirements, your site and location, the design and finishing features you are looking for, and only then provides an accurate and honest Project Budget. To get this process started, visit our Questionnaire, complete the form, and we will contact you soon.

Please note that some of you may be considering doing it yourself. Indeed, certain select individuals are well-suited to build their own home. However, with over 2000 changes in building code legislation, increasing environmental restrictions, as well as substantial safety regulations and liabilities, building a custom home is an increasingly challenging and time-consuming task. And to do it well, and at the right price is an even greater challenge. For further information on this option, we have included a downloadable document Doing it Yourself. Consider carefully your options and your real cost (including time): then do what best suits you, your family, and your current job

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