The Tarion Warranty Corporation (formerly ONHWP) provides new home buyers with substantial warranty protection. Created as an independent, non-profit corporation, Tarion administers and enforces the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act which defines the coverage offered by the Program. The best protected consumers are informed consumers. Before buying a new home, become familiar with the protection.

Since the Warranty Program's coverage was enhanced in 1990, new home buyers receive:

  • Deposit protection up to $40,000.
  • Delayed closing protection.
  • Delayed occupancy protection for condominium buyers.
  • Protection against substitution of key elements in both single family homes and condominium projects.
  • One-year builder's warranty on workmanship, materials and Ontario Building Code violations.
  • Two-year builder's warranty covering the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems.
  • Two-year builder's warranty against water penetrating the basement through the foundation. In condominiums this protection includes all below-ground structures such as parking garages.
  • Two-year builder's warranty against water penetrating the building envelope.
  • Seven-year major structural defect protection.

If you have a question about the Program, visit the website at: www.tarion.com or contact the Tarion Customer Centre at Toll-Free 1-877-982-7466. Tarion also publishes a number of consumer information booklets and brochures such as: Open the Door to New Home Ownership. For a free copy, telephone the Customer Centre.

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